About Us

Who Are We?

Zeoluff is the trademark own to Zhongjian Decheng (Henan) Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Our company was founded in 2014 with a registered capital of 86.7 million. Our company focus on solar energy product, which include: on-grid solar system, off-grid solar system, hybrid solar system, solar wind hybrid system, balcony solar power system, rv solar system, solar water pump system, energy storage system, solar panel, pv inverter, energy storage battery, and etc. We specialise in the research and use of new energy products. In addition to providing consumers with a way to start living a low-carbon lifestyle, we also use solar energy to optimise the energy mix.

One-stop Solar Power Solutions

Zeoluff Off-grid Solar System
Off-grid Solar System
Zeoluff On-grid Solar System
On-grid Solar System
Zeoluff Hybrid Solar System
Hybrid Solar System
Zeoluff Energy Storage System
Solar Energy System
Balcony Solar Power System
Zeoluff Solar Pumping System
Solar Water Pump System
Zeoluff Wind Solar System
Solar Wind Hybrid System
RV solar system

What We Offer

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Design and drawing service

We can provide design a custom proposal complete with design, engineering, and investment-grade financial payback analysis, according to your area and requirements.

Installation Service

We provide videos, instructions, and online guidance for installation. We also provide local professional installation service team to help you with fast installation.

Maintenance & warranty service

Zeoluff offers its customers a warranty of 5 to 20 years depending on the product. We will ensure that your solar product works well and save you the maximum amount of time and money on human maintenance.

Our Certification

Our PV products comply with CE, IEC 61730, IEC 61215, SA8000 Social Responsibility Standards, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 Occupational Henlth and Safety, IEC TS 62941 Guideline for module design qualification and type approval and other standards.

Our Cases

Our solar energy products are very popular in European, such as: The United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Serbia, Belgium, Luxembourg, etc. Our customers spoke highly of our solar products and our after-sales service.

Our Value

Be honest & integrity

Keeping honest & keeping promises.

Embrace change

Accept challenges, and believe in the future.


Result oriented.

Cooperate and innovate

Share enjoyment and commitment; be brave in innovation.

Where Are We?

We have branches in Europe and Asia to provide you with timely services.

European Operation

Asia Headquarter

Eastern Europe Support

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