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Design service

Design and drawing service:

In accordance with your needs and the area in which you live, we will provide plans that include design, engineering, and investment-grade financial payback analysis.
Packaging & transportation services

Packaging & transportation services:

For the protection of the solar panel components during delivery, we use wooden wrapping. Since it doesn’t require nails, assembly is quicker and safer without the use of tools. And since every component is removable, when not in use, it takes up very little room. Typically, transit takes 7–15 days.

Installation Service:

For installation, we offer tutorial videos, written instructions, and online support. To assist you with a quick installation, we also offer a local, experienced installation service team.

Maintenance service

Maintenance & warranty service:

You just need to have cable inspections and surface cleaning performed every two to three years. Our solar energy system has a 10–20 year warranty.

Main Process of Zeoluff Service:

Contact Customer

  • Introduce Zeoluff by email, WhatsApp or other online chat tools.
  • Discuss requirements with customer.

Provide solution

  • Convey customer requirements to technicians;
  • Issue solution to the customer.

Provide quotation

  • Offer proposals;
  • Solve customer’s queries & concerns;
  • Negotiate with customer.

Sign Contract

  • Draw up sales contract;
  • Sign contract.


  • Arrange our factory for production.
  • Inspect solar system quality & progress.
  • Confirm shipping time

Book Vessel

  • Book container;
  • Prepare and confirm customs clearance documents.


  • Load solar system into container and deliver to port.

Customs Clearance

  • Sending customs clearance documents.
  • Our customer pick up goods at the destination port.

After-sales Service

  • Installation service
  • Operation training service.

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