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Off-grid Solar System

Zeoluff Off-grid system is not connected to the electricity grid and therefore requires battery storage. It relies solely on what you produce and what you have stored to power your house and other appliances. Batteries can be used to temporarily store solar energy. The power is first sent to the batteries and then to the appliances. You are off the grid in an off-grid configuration, therefore even if there is a grid outage, you won’t be impacted.

off-grid solar system

Off-grid Solar System:

  • Generate power ranging from 1KW to 100 MW
  • No grid-connected, more independent.
  • Can serve as a backup power source in locations that frequently experience power outages.
  • Providing emergency power during natural calamities.
  • Mobility for camping and hiking, as well as for marine and land trips.
  • Runs solar water pumping systems for supplying water for raw materials, irrigation, and drinking.

Hot Sale Off-grid Solar System Models:

10kw Off Grid Solar System

10kw Off Grid Solar System

Solar Panels: 550w*18 pcs
Solar Inverter: 8kw off grid inverter
Energy storage battery: 12.0 kwh lithium battery
Distribution box: 220v, single phase
Mounting brackets: Aluminum-magnesium alloy
Accessories: cable+pipe+connecting plug

5kw Off Grid Solar System

5kw off grid solar system

Solar Panels: 550w*10 pcs
Solar Inverter: 5kw off grid inverter
Energy storage: 5.0 kwh lithium battery
Distribution box: 220v, single phase
Mounting brackets: Aluminum-magnesium alloy
Accessories: cable+pipe+connecting plug

15kw Off Grid Solar System

15kw Off Grid Solar System

Solar Panels: 550w*28 pcs
Solar Inverter: 8kw*2 off grid inverter
Energy storage battery: 15.0 kwh lithium battery
Distribution box: 380v, three phases
Mounting brackets: Aluminum-magnesium alloy
Accessories: cable+pipe+connecting plug

20kw Off Grid Solar System

20kw Off Grid Solar System

Solar Panels: 550w*36 pcs
Solar Inverter: 6kw*3 off grid inverter
Energy storage battery: 15.0 kwh*2 lithium battery
Distribution box: 380v, three phases
Mounting brackets: Aluminum-magnesium alloy
Accessories: cable+pipe+connecting plug

Features of Zeoluff Off-grid Solar System:

1. No electrical bills:
If you use an off-grid system, you won’t get a charge from your utility company for energy. You are no longer reliant on the nation or the state to supply your electricity demands. You are fully in charge. All of the electricity you use will be generated by you.

2. Protection against power outages:
In the event of a grid outage, your off-grid system will continue to function. Having an off-grid solar system can keep your home functioning even after a strong thunderstorm, while your neighbors may experience a power outage or power failure.

3. Reliable electricity in rural or remote areas:
Some rural or distant places are not wired into the electric grid. In places like isolated mountainous regions, areas without electricity, islands, communication base stations, and streetlights, among others, off-grid systems offer power.

4. Environmental protection:
By using off-grid solar systems, you may lessen your carbon footprint and pollution, which will lead to healthier environments and cleaner air.

How To Choosing The Most Suitable Solar Energy System?

1. Ensuring Installation Space:

When making the decision to install a solar energy system, you should think about the installation location, the solar resource or amount of sunshine available at the site, the orientation and tilt of the solar energy system, and the effectiveness of the solar panels at converting sunlight into power.
Ensuring Installation Space

2. Know Your Historical Electricity Bill:

When deciding on the finest solar energy system for your home and your energy demands, the specifics of your power bill can be quite helpful. Each bill details your monthly energy usage totals and how they compare to the same month the year prior. Even hourly and daily usage can be viewed. With the use of this information, Zeoluff can quickly determine how many solar panels you’ll need.

3. Learning Local Solar Subsidy Program:

In most instances, solar energy typically integrates into the grid, which is essential to guaranteeing that your home has power even at night. Both the electricity purchased from the utility and the electricity generated by the solar panels is measured on the same meter. When using the grid for power, the metre reads forward; when using the solar PV system, it reads backward. Different governments offer different incentives and subsidies to organisations who build solar power systems.

Main Parts of Hybrid Solar System:

off-grid solar system process layout

Solar Panel:

Function: Collecting solar energy and converting it into electricity.
1. Using JA solar panel
2. High module conversion efficiency and low operating temperature.
3. More power output than normal types in weak light conditions, such as cloudy, morning and sunset.
4. Able to withstand harsh environments.

Solar panel
PV inverter

PV Inverter:

Function: Converts the direct current output from the solar system into alternating current with the same amplitude, frequency, and phase as the grid voltage.
1. Waterproof and dustproof, C5 anti-corrosion.
2. Compatible with wide power grid voltage and high harmonic power grid environment.

Energy Storage Battery:

Function: The energy storage battery serves as the brain of the hybrid solar system, storing surplus energy for cloudy days and nights when it is needed to power your appliances. The energy storage battery receives power from the charge controller, which is the engine of the off-grid solar system.
1. Safe, efficient, clean energy.
2. Large capacity energy storage lithium iron phosphate battery
3. Compact size, High efficiency.
4. Easy installation, High energy density.

Distribution box

Power Distribution Box:

Function: The electrical energy is distributed from the solar inverter to the AC load system through the energy meter.
1. Small size, simple installation, special technical performance, fixed position, stable and reliable operation.
2. High level of safety protection.
3. Intuitively display the conduction state of the circuit.

Mounting Structure:

Function: The panel is securely held in place by the skeleton framework. They are often made of galvanized iron or aluminum. Brackets for solar panels can be fixed or moved to follow the sun. Features:
1. Versatile and flexible for all roof types.
2. Easy and fast installation and assembly.
3. No rust, long service life.

FAQS of Off-grid Solar System:

A: On-grid solar power system is connected to the utility’s power grid. And it does not provide power during a grid outage.

Off-grid solar power systems work independently and the consumer is not connected to the utility’s power system. you can store electricity produced by the solar system in batteries for use when the power grid goes down. It is meant to be entirely self-sustaining.

A: Yes. we need to know the size of the air-conditioner and how often you intend to use it. Then we can design and size our off-grid solar systems to meet your needs.

A: It will depend on your decision. Choosing the right place for installation usually comes down to a combination of cost and available space.

Roof mounts are less expensive because they use your existing roof structure as a foundation. They also take up less room on your property.

Ground mounts take up more space, but they’re easier to access for installation and repair. They also give you greater control over the orientation of your array to maximize production.

A: The type of battery system determined whether you can expand your battery capacity later. In most cases, the solar portion of your system is easily expandable (solar panels and solar PV inverters), while battery capacity expansion can sometimes be tricky or expensive. Many off-grid systems can be difficult to expand in five years, so it’s usually best to go ahead and estimate future battery capacity and lock it now.

A: Zeoluff off-grid solar system is capable of withstanding poor weather conditions, it should continue to generate electricity for 25 to 35 years but power performance will deteriorate over the years.

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