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Looking For Cooperate PV Installer Teams

One of the most well-known manufacturers of photovoltaic products in China is ZEOLUFF. We concentrate on the PV power generating sector, which has developed a full industrial chain that includes the production of solar panels, inverters, energy storage batteries, mounting brackets for PV systems, cables, and other components.

As one of our installer teams, you will be in touch with numerous solar installation projects and receive our newest photovoltaic equipment at the best pricing. Additionally, you’ll always have a steady flow of both new and returning customers.


ZEOLUFF Installer Team Requirements

  • Experienced in relevant fields including solar, roof, ground, and electrical.
  • Having qualifications as an electrical engineer, building engineer, or related.
  • Owning knowledge of solar photovoltaic (PV) system assembly, installation, or maintenance, etc.

Benefits of Being Zeoluff Installer Team

  1. No harm can come to installers. We may return the items to the warehouse for the original cost after the contract expires.
  2. You can make money by selling any solar power components you receive at cost.
  3. Installers can offer installation and post-sale services to our clients and receive payment from us for their labor.
  4. Installers can find new clients for us and receive payment.
  5. Installers can obtain resources for potential customers from us and cut marketing expenses.

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